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Saddle Creek Stables offers:

Race Horses

SaddleCreek Stables is a premier race horse facility. We have over 160 acres for race horses to play / train / winter / overnights / lay ups / recovery etc. There are designated pastures / facilities just for race horses away from the pleasure riding crowd.

Race Horse Training is $35 per day


We have been in the racing business since 2003,  Ron’s Tornado was the first purchase and he made us money in each race he ran…. Winning on his third race at a distance of 1 mile and 70 yards at Prairie Meadows in Iowa. He is still on the ranch and is used for trail rides, lessons, show jumping and dressage…. He is even used for field hunting of deer, quail and turkeys~~ an amazing  animal who is more like a good friend!

One horse to highlight is  St. Croix – the horse of the year in Ohio in 2005.  He won 5 out of 7 races took a 2nd and a 3rd….. then followed that up the next spring with  1 win, 1 second and 1 third place.  I should write a book about this horse, as when I bought him he was headed to Alpo… that is correct  ..he was literally headed to the killers  and I salvaged him, retrained him and I swear to this day he knew I was his best friend…  and he always gave everything he had for me … after retirement  he does trail riding , show jumping and a field hunting….. what an incredible horse!

We have had other great horses, - Lady Gouriami,  Salute the Grey, Lively Liz, Amani,  Indy’s Prospector- Great Grand Daughter of Secretariate, Dashing Princess, and not to forget Liza’s Fashion Trick who is the best show jumping horse/ parade / field hunting / lessons / trail rides  / police search and rescue/ drinking beer and hanging out horse~~ you will ever meet!

As you can see, we make sure that our race horses have a great life after their days at the track.  Thoroughbred horses are truly incredible ~ they are so versatile, have a great willing attitude, and love to please their riders.


We keep it real simple-  Shares are available in each horse, you can buy as many shares  as you want up to 90%. We handle the business/ training / feeding /etc…. you get involved in the decision on where and when the horse races. Billing is done in 3 month cycles, winnings are distributed  monthly!!  Normal  cost of a race horse is from $3,500 to $40,000 a wide range…. So we have the right horse for you! Start small and work up. Monthly cost is about $2,000 while at the track trainer and then $500  per month while at SaddleCreek. We are able to hold down the cost for you by having  our facility here in KC. 

Active on track trainers we have business partnerships with are Bill Beamer, Betty Coatney, Jack Vanberg, Shane Stout and  others.

We are currently running at Prairie Meadows in Iowa, Mountaineer Park in West Virginia, Hawthorne in Chicago, Arlington Park in Chicago, Hot Springs  in Arkansas… and as the right race comes up in any and all race tracks in America….. We are even talking with representatives from China on taking a group of horses to Beijing.    


Boarding Rates

Full Board

  • 10 x 12 or 12 x 12 stall, wood shavings
  • Two feedings per day, hay,
  • Turnout when weather permits: $375

Self Care

  • As above, hay and shavings provided, you clean, care, and feed: $300

Dry Paddock

  • Continuous access to hay available: $225


  • With access to barn and all facilities:
  • Pasture rate $200 per head

Trail Rides

$40 per hour per person. Group sizes 1-8
Minimum age is 8
All riders under 21 must wear a helmet
All riders must have personal health insurances and be fit and able to ride.

Hay Rides

  • $200 per hour up to 30 people above 30  people call for quote ( typically $7 per person).
  • Additional hours of us pulling the wagon $200 per hour.
  • You are welcome to BBQ, sit around the camp fire or hang out for a couple of hours for free.

Pony Rides

$40 per hour call for details

Bonfires / Birthday Parties / Family Events

$100 per hour

Large Group Parties / Corporate Outings / Functions

Call for pricing

Camping / Fishing / Hiking / Exploring / Overnights

Call for pricing

Charity Events and Community Service

We support these charities:

  • Alzheimer's Association -DerbyFest
  • Luekemia / Lymphoma Society
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Boy scouts Girl scouts
  • Parents as Teachers
  • RoseBrooks Center
  • Jackson County Sherriffs Posse
  • Lees Summit Courts
  • Raytown Courts, Indpendence Courts
  • KC Courts
  • Animal Heaven
  • Raytown School District special programs
  • Susan G Komen Cure for Cancer, MS and MD,.
  • Special Olympics
  • MDA
  • Rotary
  • Sertoma
  • KUADC- KU Alzheimer’s Disease Center
  • Hear You Now 5k/10k for Children’s Hearing