Wine has a way of bringing people together. During the construction phase of SaddleCreek’s Vineyard expansion, Kent & Amy had the pleasure to meet this lady by sheer luck when Kent was buying some wine memorabilia. Very quick into the conversation, it was clear that Sheila was full of life and great energy. Her worldly knowledge of all things related to wine…. would be a great addition to our journey into the world of creating a unique Vineyard and entertainment experience. Now while Sheila and her husband are traveling the world, she can always say “I am just doing my job of tasting, sourcing and forging another strategic partnership for SaddleCreek Stables & Vineyard.”

Sheila Marie Rice – Wine Sommelier

Sheila’s interest in wines began early with a desire to grow her own grapes (a real challenge in her native state of South Dakota)! It was a few years later that she began her professional career in wine though, first in tasting rooms and distribution, and eventually as a sommelier specializing in wine appreciation events. 

From the “Big Cabs” of Napa to the “Beaut Kiwi Sav’s”, from the Loire Valley to eastern Kansas, Sheila’s education and experiences with wine are certainly varied. But they all have one thing in common, a rich history!

Sheila appreciates the art of wine making, its role in human history since biblical times, and continues to enjoy its evolution as reflected in modern day wines.

When Sheila and her husband aren’t traveling, she spends time at their vacation home in Nevada and enjoys spending time with their children and grandchildren, hiking, writing, and of course, wine!

“Cheers to Amy & Kent and all of our new friends at SaddleCreek Stables & Vineyard – see you soon between my tough day job travel and “market research”… I might have the best job of all!”