How the wine of SaddleCreek came to be

Our property now known as SaddleCreek Stables & Vineyard, has had horses and grapes growing on it since the turn of time (1800’s). The property is located right off the intersections of the Santa Fe Trial, Oregon, and California Trails. Overlooking a tributary to the Missouri River, the ranch was originally called home to the Kanza and Osage Indians, who called the area Big Spring.

The first explorers to the area were the Spanish, followed by the French. We know they brought grapes and wine with them on their horse drawn carriages. The area was part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Missouri became the 24th state on August 10th,1821. On December 15, 1826, the Missouri State Legislature authorized the “County of Jackson,” named after the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. The city of Kansas City was incorporated June 1st, 1850. The area that the ranch is in was annexed from the county into the city in 1967.

Kent acquired the land in phases starting in 1998.  His goal was to provide a country setting in the city to raise his twin girls and to eventually breed and train thoroughbred racehorses.

Over the years of transforming the distressed acreage and buildings into what has now become one of the most unique barn venues in the Midwest – Offering trail riding, riding lessons and horse boarding, venue rental….and a place for charity events to be held.  Then Amy -the master chef and trail boss of the property, suggested to Kent to turn one of the old stalls in to a “little” wine room…. Kent having the vision and passion for building… took things to a level that has surpassed everyone’s dreams.  

The old world looks and feel, flowing in harmony with the natural beauty of the property, has one captivated to see what is around the next corner. Your time on the property will not be forgotten. Our goal is to help you create incredible memories.

Our love for taking a dilapidated property and turning it into something extra ordinary, coupled with a passion for rescuing animals… makes the whole effort really rewarding. A few years back, while Kent was pruning the old existing grape plants, the revelation of developing a vineyard came to him and he decided the historic old grape vines deserved a second chance also…. Hence the expansion of adding the beautiful vineyard seemed to be a natural enhancement. Sourcing some additional grape plants from secret locations- crossing and grafting them with the original grapes growing on the property- then mixing them with proven hybrids…. the results are phenomenal.   The wines we offer are some of the best produced, made from our grapes along with strategically sourced California and Missouri tactical partnerships. Read more about the different grapes and wine varieties.

Remember “Sometimes it is not how you start but how you finish, and other times…. it is all about the journey!  Find your passions, mix them with dedication, hard work, perseverance, a thirst for knowledge and unwavering self-commitment – then you can accomplish extraordinary achievements that enrich this fleeting existence we call our life. We are only the caretakers of this great land – God is the owner.

Find your passion and enjoy the ride… have a drink or two along the way!